This an experiment and not a production-ready plugin.

Step 1: Install

npm install --save vue-js-grid

Step 2: Import

import Vue from 'vue'
import Grid from 'vue-js-grid'


Step 3: Usage

data () {
  return {
    items: [
  <template slot="cell" scope="props">

Codesandbox Demo

Plugin does NOT modify the source data array.

  1. Every time permutation is performed you will get a new sorted array in event (items).
  2. The same works for removing elements, you will get a new "cleaned" array in your @remove event handler.
  3. Currently there is no way to extend data array after event handling. But hopefully I’ll come up with a clean way to do it in nearest future.


Name Type Default Description
items Array [] Initial array of items
cellWidth Number 80 Cell width
cellHeight Number 80 Cell height
draggable Boolean false Flag that will let you drag grid’s cells
dragDelay Number 0 @TODO
sortable Boolean false Flag that will let you reorder grid’s cells; requires draggable to be true
center Boolean false @TODO


Name Description
@change Occurs on every action that involves reordering array or changing its length
@remove Occurs when an element is deleted through template
@click Occurs when cell is clicked
@sort Occurs when array item order is changed manually

Cell template

Cell template is used to get access to list data, indexing, and sorting params generated by plugin.

Template’s scope contains:

  • props.item: list item value
  • props.index: initial index of the item
  • props.sort: current index of the item after sorting
  • props.remove(): method that removes the item from the array and resort list.


<template slot="cell" scope="props">
  <div @click="() => { props.remove() }">
    <div>Data: {{props.item}}</div>
    <div>{{props.index}} / {{props.sort}}</div>

Why do I need this?

A good example of using a plugin would be rending macOS’ Launchpad or Dock. Check out a demo for a solid example of how the plugin behaves & feels.



Below are the reference links:

No. Link
1. Read more here.
2. Follow code author here.