A private by default, faster and cleaner YouTube embed component for Vue applications.

Port of React Lite YouTube Embed to a Vue Component. Provide videos with a supercharged focus on visual performance. An "Adaptive Loading" way to handle iframes for YouTube.

Step 1: Installation

Vue 3:

yarn add vue-lite-youtube-embed

Vue 2:

yarn add vue-lite-youtube-embed @vue/composition-api

Step 2: Usage

    title="Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Music Video)"

import { defineComponent } from 'vue'
import LiteYouTubeEmbed from 'vue-lite-youtube-embed'
import 'vue-lite-youtube-embed/dist/style.css'

export default defineComponent({
    components: { LiteYouTubeEmbed }


Only two props are required to work: id from the YouTube you want to render and title

Prop Type Description
id string Id of the video or playlist
title string Video title. Always provide a title for iFrames: Help the web be accessible 😉 #a11y
announce string Default: Watch. This will be passed to the button in order to be announced to the final user as in Clickable Watch, ${title}, button , customize to match your own language #a11y #i18n
activeClass string Pass the string class for the active state
adNetwork boolean Default: false To preconnect or not to doubleclick addresses called by YouTube iframe (the adnetwork from Google)
cookie boolean Default: false Connect to YouTube via the Privacy-Enhanced Mode using You should opt-in to allow cookies
iframeClass string Pass the string class for the own iFrame
muted boolean If the video has sound or not. Required autoplay true to work
params string any params you want to pass to the URL in the iFrame. Two important things to notice: You can assume you just need to add the params, we already setup for you, so you should write start=1150 and not ?start=1150 or &start=1150. You can place more params but it will need to fully form: start=1150&other=value&another=value. First, when you share a YouTube url the param of time is just t, but the embed needs start.
playerClass string Pass the string class for the player, once you can customize it
playlist boolean Use true when your id be from a playlist
playlistCoverId string The ids for playlists did not bring the cover in a pattern to render so you’ll need pick up a video from the playlist (or in fact, whatever id) and use to render the cover. There’s a programmatic way to get the cover from YouTube API v3 but the aim of this component is do not make any another call and reduce requests and bandwidth usage as much as possibe
poster string. One of default mqdefault hqdefault sddefault maxresdefault Defines the image size to call on first render as poster image. See:
wrapperClass string Pass the string class that wraps the iFrame


  • iframeAdded – Fired when iframe is added.



MIT License © 2021 Robert Soriano


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