A radial progress bar component for Vue.js. Uses SVG and javascript to animate a radial progress bar with a gradient.

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  • Vue.js ^2.0.0 (Compatible with Vue 1.0 or 2.0)
  • A module bundler such as webpack or use the minified version on its own.

Step 1: Installation

$ npm install --save vue-radial-progress

Step 2: Usage

  <radial-progress-bar :diameter="200"
   <p>Total steps: {{ totalSteps }}</p>
   <p>Completed steps: {{ completedSteps }}</p>

import RadialProgressBar from 'vue-radial-progress'

export default {
  data () {
    return {
      completedSteps: 0,
      totalSteps: 10

  components: {


Name Default value Description
diameter 200 Diameter of the progress bar circle in pixels.
totalSteps 10 Total number of steps to complete progress bar.
completedSteps 0 Number of completed steps in the progress bar.
startColor #bbff42 The color of the leading edge of the progress bar gradient.
stopColor #429321 The secondary color of the progress bar gradient.
innerStrokeColor #323232 Background color of the progress bar.
strokeWidth 10 The width of the progress bar.
innerStrokeWidth 10 The width of the background/inner circle.
strokeLinecap round The type of stroke linecap for circle.
animateSpeed 1000 The amount of time in milliseconds to animate one step.
fps 60 The frames per second that the animation should run.
timingFunc linear The transition timing function to use for the CSS transition. See transition-timing-function.
isClockwise true Controls the direction of the progress bar.


npm run lint


npm run dev


The MIT License


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1. Read more here.
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